How to Sip from the Information Fire Hydrant

We’ve all seen the amazing stats on the sheer volume of information available on the Internet. Here are a few. Every day there are:

  • 1.4 million blog posts published (are you reading this one?)
  • 4 billion “things” shared on Facebook
  • 200 million tweets are tweeted

And 35 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Its clear that we’re producing content and information at a blinding speed.

The issue is no longer in accessing information, the challenge exists in how to filter through the overwhelming amount of information available to us.

Part of my role at Cossette (and a passion of mine) is keeping on top of trends and emerging opportunities in the digital space. And with the volume of information out there and the speed of change in digital marketing and communications, its important to know how to cut through the clutter and get to the good stuff.

So I’ve spent time over the years refining how to filter, review and curate content and wanted to hare some the tools I use, and how I use them. My approach is obviously not the only (nor the best way), but a starting point, and I’m hoping my fellow Cossette’rs and readers will add to the list. Google Reader – the tool I have spent the most time in collecting over 160 feeds of great content. A simple and effective aggregation and curation tool – a one stop shop for multiple sources. I normally check this in the morning and afternoon. Here’s a feedof my shared content, however I haven’ts been sharing much via Google reader lately.Google Alerts- a simple way to set up alerts of search results using keywords delivered to your inbox. I’m using these for daily emails on indstry topics and brands I work on.Addictomatic – this tool searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images on the topic of your choice. Love it. I review feeds on topics ranging from mobile marketing, social media, web analytics, social commerce, and SEO.

Twitter – my favorite these days. I started by following a huge number of people, and have since been culling the people I follow down to a managable number, but still have a ways to go. Be very selective of who you follow, and the volume of information shared will be easier to deal with.
I use a variety of apps and rarely use
Tweetdeck (desktop, iPhone)
Twitter iPad app Flipboard – my absolute favorite. If you have an iPad, get this app. If you don’t – get an iPad, this app is worth it alone. Aggregates feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and countless additional sources like Wired, Mashable, Boing Boing and others. All in a beautiful interactive interface with integrated media and social sharing.What tools or approach do you use to manage the massive amount of information available?