Keep It or Kill It? How do you feel about the word HALO?


Kim “How do you like my halo?”
Sam “Did you convert over the holidays?  You were a devil before not an angel.”
Kim “No, I mean the halo I give to you for being me.”.
Sam “Excuse me.  I knew you had ego issues, but we pull equal weight, sweetie.”
Kim “Yeah, I know but halo-ing is so good.  I just do my good thing and because we are connected you get extra goodies too.” 
Sam “What did you drink on the holidays?  I look after my own ‘brand’”
Kim “You do and you do it well.  I’m just giving you extra with my presence.”
Sam “Keep pushing… Ah now it clicks. You don’t like the concept halo!”
Kim “First week back.  I thought I would give you a chance.”
Sam “Where did this halo effect come from?”
Kim “Well it seems that brands can halo themselves on each other.  Action on one creates action on another in the same franchise.  So halo is the term.” 
Sam “And I just proved to myself that it’s not true” 
Kim “Well you were fairly convincing.  You argued for independence.  You felt good about association, but not causality.  So yes, I think I made my point.”
Sam “But I was still figuring that you were just letting your natural – take all the glory – side come out.  And Happy New Year but you got your presents at Christmas. Besides halo is like light, it does cast about”
Kim “But with two lights shining who is halo-ing whom?”
Sam “”They both work together, so I can see halo being useful.”
Kim “Damming with faint praise.  Halo is off my vocabulary list.”
Sam “I’m leaning your way, but not ready to give up on it.  You do have a way of making me better with your actions.”

Kim and Sam are aspects of Cossette strategist Glen Markham’s personality. They keep him honest about the words that get used every day in marketing and communications circles.

The final decision: should the word “HALO” be eliminated from our everyday vocabulary? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

By Kim and Sam 2012.01.19 comments