Cossette becomes the international agency of record for QuébecOriginal | Cossette

Cossette becomes the international agency of record for QuébecOriginal



The Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec (the “Alliance“) has chosen Cossette as its partner for the development and implementation of the destination marketing strategy and promotion of the QuébecOriginal brand worldwide.

“I’d like to congratulate all of the agencies we met with during this process for their outstanding work—it shows that Quebec is a hotbed of talent,” said Sébastien Viau, Vice‑President, Marketing and Trade at the Alliance. “Cossette was awarded the partnership contract to promote Quebec as a tourist destination internationally because it distinguished itself by its vision and the way it demonstrated the expertise necessary to achieve our objectives. The agency has adapted to the new marketing realities, and showed us it had not only the tools, but the knowledge and resources to carry out our strategic vision. We found we had a lot in common with Cossette—together, we’re a winning combination.”

Cossette’s role will be to propose and implement a strategic plan that will include developing the QuébecOriginal brand and producing integrated campaigns designed for the target markets and clienteles identified in Quebec’s 2017–2020 strategic marketing plan, established by the Alliance.

“This mandate is perfectly in line with our corporate vision, which is based on our unparalleled abilities when it comes to both creativity and technology”, said Cossette Executive Vice-President and General Manager Louis Duchesne. “And under the Alliance’s leadership, Quebec’s tourism industry can set its sights high. It’s very exciting!“

Cossette has considerable expertise in tourism, having previously worked with some of the Alliance’s partners, including the Québec City Tourism Office, Tourism Montréal and Destination Canada.

As a partner in the success of the industry, one of the Alliance’s main objectives is to drive up tourism income by 5% annually. “Quebec has a tremendous opportunity to position itself as a world-class destination. Thanks to the new marketing business model outside Quebec, we now have unprecedented resources at our disposal,” noted the Alliance’s president and CEO, Martin Soucy.

About the Alliance
The Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec is striving to make Quebec a world-class tourist destination. As a partner in the success of Quebec’s tourism industry, it brings together, coordinates and represents tourism-related businesses and associations. By supporting and participating in the development and marketing of Quebec’s tourism offering abroad, the Alliance is helping to raise the province’s national and international profile and increase the economic spinoffs throughout all of its regions.

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