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Cossette Media’s Francine Marcotte retires


It was announced today that Cossette Media Senior Vice-President Francine Marcotte is retiring after 37 years with the agency. Pierre Delagrave, Head of Vision7’s Innovation Group, Joseph Leon, CEO of Vision7 Media and President of Cossette Media, and Axel Dumont, SVP and GM of Cossette Media, Quebec and East, have penned the following message in celebration of her career.

The day Pierre Delagrave met Francine Marcotte, he knew he had found a once-in-a-lifetime talent. At the time, Pierre was heading up Cossette’s media department, which would go on to become its own agency, Cossette Media. Francine’s unique touch immediately improved the media buying practice. But even a visionary like Pierre couldn’t have known that she would stay at the agency for almost four decades, transforming not only the way Cossette Media approached its work, but the industry as a whole.

Since Francine began her journey with us in 1982, she’s seen immense changes on a global scale and has lived those changes through her work. Whether navigating the rise of cable television, the advent of the Internet or the emergence of big data, she has always revolutionized her approach and adjusted her style accordingly. Oftentimes, as people become comfortable in their work, there is a deep-seated tension between evolution and expertise, but Francine has never felt this internal conflict. She was always eager to reinvent herself and was often an early adopter when it came to fundamental changes, exemplifying what one needs to do to be successful in the media industry.   

In addition to her adaptability, anyone who has worked with Francine will agree that she is an outstanding leader, a caring mentor and a source of unwavering positivity that can inspire any team. She’s built long-lasting relationships and earned a stellar reputation, which transcends regional boundaries—a large proponent as to why Cossette Media is now regarded as one of the best agencies in Canada. What’s more, she always did it with a smile, making her a pleasure to work with.

Another thing about Francine that cannot be overlooked is the fierce loyalty she’s shown throughout her career—not only to her friends, family and Cossette Media, but to the industry in Canada. She has given many of today’s leaders from Quebec and across the country the tools they needed to succeed—the value of strong and equitable relationships, the importance of preparing the next generation and, most importantly, the willingness to adapt and reinvent ourselves, which in turn has helped shape the industry into what it is today.  

On behalf of everyone at Cossette Media, thank you for everything, Francine. Keep living life to its fullest and know that you’ll always be a part of the Cossette Media family. 

Pierre, Joseph and Axel

Cossette Media’s Francine Marcotte retires 

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