‘Get The Monkey Off Your Back’ With The New OSAP | Cossette

‘Get The Monkey Off Your Back’ With The New OSAP



March 22, 2017: The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) has just launched the “Get the monkey off your back” campaign to introduce the latest changes to the program. Under these changes, students could be eligible for free tuition or other benefits that help reduce the burden on Ontario students.

A 30 second online video, created by Cossette, laughably follows a student around with a very annoying and disruptive monkey on his back through his day at high school. Throwing food in the cafeteria, breaking equipment in the science lab and splashing paint around the art room, this mischievous monkey represents the burden tuition payments can be for students entering secondary education.

The video ends with the tagline “worried about paying for your postsecondary education? Get the monkey off your back” and leads the viewer to visit ontario.ca/osap. There students can learn more about the new program changes and funding available to help pay for a college or university education.

“When you’re worried about your tuition and how you’re going to pay for it, thinking about it can interfere with everything you try to do,” says Peter Ignazi, Chief Creative Officer at Cossette. “But the new OSAP can help lift that burden and monkey off your back.”

The video runs online and in Cineplex cinemas until April 16. OOH ads run until May 7.