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A great cup of coffee can make all the difference


International Delight

Montréal, October 28, 2016 – Cossette has teamed up with International Delight for the launch of the Take the bitter out. Add delight. campaign, targeting the English Canadian market.

By taking a fun, upbeat approach, the campaign addresses a variety of everyday life situations, even those that are sometimes annoying and exasperating, by showing to what extent International Delight is there to help us see the sunny side of life.

“People use International Delight products to offset the bitterness of coffee. By playing with this distinctive element, we wanted to highlight the flip side, by showing the positive side of unpleasant moments that can arise in a day,” explained Antoine Bécotte, Chief Creative Officer at Cossette.

“We decided to combine the launch of our latest packaging with that of a new advertising campaign to show off our new look, with the same delightful taste,” said Melina Sagarrica, Marketing Manager for International Delight.

From highway billboards, where the visual adjusts according to the traffic and weather, to interactive videos appearing as pre-rolls on YouTube and optimized for Facebook canevas, the multiplatform campaign is anything but traditional.

This fully integrated campaign is rounded out by radio spots, banners and Facebook posts that are adapted to current events. The International Delight speech bubbles associated with specific content in newspapers, such as the defeat of a sports team, difficult crossword puzzles or less promising horoscopes, will aim to chase the bitterness away.

International Delight radio spot

International Delight

International Delight

Advertiser: International Delight
Agency: Cossette

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