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L’Oréal explores artificial intelligence and conversational marketing


With the launch of the Beauty Gifter, the first in a series of beauty services using the Facebook Messenger platform, L’Oréal harnesses the power of conversational marketing and artificial intelligence.

L’Oréal, in partnership with Cossette and Automat—a leader in the field of artificial intelligence—has developed an intelligent beauty products discovery and transaction bot. The service helps users find the right beauty gift based on a series of contextualized questions that define their giftee’s beauty profile, and determine which L’Oréal brands and products suits the user’s budget. “This first concept allows the smart bot to learn and evolve in order to create other services, such as beauty consultations,” said Martin Aubut, head of digital at L’Oréal Canada.

“We’re proud to be taking this first step into the world of conversational commerce and artificial intelligence. The consumer experience is our chief focus, and we’re confident that this product will respond to our customers’ expectations,” added Stéphane Bérubé, CMO of L’Oréal Canada. The company was recently recognized as a pioneer in the field of conversational commerce at the unveiling of the service during Facebook’s annual developer conference,

“In our work as technologists and conversational marketing specialists, we’re inspired by L’Oréal’s attentiveness to its customers and ongoing quest for innovation, be it in terms of beauty or digital products,explained AndyMauro, CEO of Automat.

Cossette created Beauty Gifter’s visual identity, taking design cues from the Facebook Messenger platform. With a current emphasis on Mother’s Day, the Beauty Gifter will be adapted to various special occasions throughout the year. It’s available across Canada, but only in English for the time being.

“We find conversational marketing extremely interesting, as it represents the natural evolution of products we already offer. We’re therefore delighted to have had the chance to collaborate with Automat and L’Oréal, who constantly pushes us to innovate,”explained Malik Yacoubi, head of digital development and strategy at Cossette.


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