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The Ovation model: A new way to measure and understand the power of engagement


Engagement will never be evaluated in the same way again thanks to Ovation, a new model that measures and decodes engagement and identifies the solutions that increase its strength. Born of a collaboration between Léger and Cossette, Ovation goes much further than simply gauging consumers’ emotional attachment to a brand. This new model measures the intensity, frequency, nature and impact of interactions between brands and their audience, plus a brand’s ability to motivate customers, increase awareness and exert influence.

The Ovation model stems from the analysis of 205 brands representing 12 industries and over 35 subsectors, based on responses from over 5,000 people across the country. Results show that there’s a direct correlation between a brand sparking and supporting engagement and the benefits it reaps—greater loyalty, more recommendations, increased momentum, and more effective marketing.

“In the past, we measured customer satisfaction, today we analyze customer experience, and tomorrow we’ll be primarily concerned with customer engagement. We don’t just want a consumer to buy a certain brand—we want them to embrace it. The new Ovation approach, jointly developed by Léger and Cossette, offers our clients a more in-depth analysis of customer engagement with their brands,” said Jean-Marc Léger, President of Léger.

“With this new model, we can help our clients better understand the issues and more accurately identify opportunities,” added Louis Duchesne, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Cossette in Québec. “By developing engagement, we can raise a brand’s profile higher and help it become a real storybuilder.”

10 audience profiles to measure engagement and its impact on a brand

Thanks to this new model, 10 audience profiles were created based on the level of engagement—from the most to the least engaged and active. The most engaged are true brand ambassadors who actively participate and get involved, by producing their own content in support of the brand, for example.

A clear diagnosis to understand the barriers and solutions

In addition to establishing a clear picture of an industry, a brand and its competitors, the Ovation model helps carry out a full diagnosis to identify the barriers that limit engagement and the solutions that can propel a brand forward. The Ovation model stands out by its ability to highlight the practical and emotional motives for engagement, as well as a brand’s potential to become a true storybuilder. By analyzing the results, we can determine that although emotional attachment remains vital, engagement hinges on practical appreciation. In fact, it’s the impact of emotional attachment and practical appreciation working in tandem that’s key to catapulting a brand from being a simple advertiser and storyteller to an authentic storymaker and storybuilder.

The Ovation model is now available.

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