Pizza Pops Wants You To Be Your Weird Self | Cossette

Pizza Pops Wants You To Be Your Weird Self


Pizza Pops, the instant pizza snack produced by the Pillsbury brand of General Mills Canada, is launching its new brand platform, ‘Weird Good’.

Developed by creative agency Cossette, the new brand platform aims to inspire its millennial consumer audience to stop overlooking the imperfections that make them awesome. Instead of trying too hard to be perfect and keep up with lifestyle expectations often portrayed through social media, Pizza Pops wants to highlight weirdness as something to be celebrated.

In a series of online videos, Pizza Pops takes the viewer through “weird good” scenarios shining a spotlight on the weirdness that makes individuals so awesome – from ‘Introverted Pizza’ and ‘Hand Dance’ to ‘Pizza Face’ and ‘Pizza Flirting’.

The videos will run online as YouTube pre-roll and on Pizza Pop’s social media channels for eight weeks.