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Recognizing talent, potential and good old-fashioned hard work is part of what Cossette is all about. With that in mind the agency is pleased to announce its three newest vice-presidents: Chris Bergeron, Nadja Décarie and Alex Côté.

“I’m proud to count on a team of leaders with such diverse backgrounds and wide array of expertise—factors vital to providing 360° services adapted to the new challenges our clients are facing.” says Louis Duchesne, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Cossette in Quebec, underscoring their outstanding contributions to the agency’s success and culture.

Ensuring a DNA rich in content
A key player in the growth of digital and content mandates, Chris Bergeron has been promoted to Vice-President, Experience and Content. A trained journalist, Chris was a news desk editor and creative director before making the leap to Cossette in 2014. Since then, she’s made a name for herself with her work on accounts such as Liberté, L’Oréal Paris, Casinos du Québec, and especially McDonald’s Canada, where she was instrumental in landing the agency’s latest digital mandate.

“Chris has shown us that beyond content, the digital realm forces us to redefine how to go about being creative and to better exploit the range of platforms that make up communication environments today,” explained Florence Girod, Chief Strategy Officer. “Chris is an inspiring person who, through her passionate views, has pushed experts within the agency and the entire industry to reflect and evolve.”

Rewarding excellence in account services
Nadja Décarie, who has been with Cossette since 1998, has been named Vice-President, Account Services. Nadja actively contributes to the standing of a number of clients including La Presse, Mentos, Home Depot and Saputo. Working her way up through the agency, Nadja made a name for herself with her leadership on the VIA Rail account, one of the agency’s major national clients.

“Nadja’s leadership both on large accounts and in business development makes her an invaluable asset within the agency,” added Sébastien David, Vice-President, Client Lead. “Her team spirit is legendary—Nadja is a true model of determination and commitment for her peers.”

Supporting the growth of tech mandates
Having forged a career within the agency over the past 20 years, Alex Côté has been appointed to Vice-President, CRM Technology. After completing his studies, Alex came to Cossette as a programmer-analyst and quickly became a key player within the organization. Overseeing the data and tech components for several of the agency’s major clients, Alex now also heads up the national CRM team.

“In 2016, nearly 50% of our revenue was related to digital products. Across Canada, the agency is taking on more and more of these mandates, and they’re increasingly complex,” explained Malik Yacoubi, Chief Digital Officer. “In his new role, Alex will supervise the implementation of seamless, agile processes in the various offices involved in tech mandates. We know his strong leadership will carry on admirably.”

“We believe in our leaders, and we’d like to congratulate Chris, Nadja and Alex for their exceptional contribution. We hope to continue offering growth opportunities that are worthy of their talent,” concluded Mr. Duchesne.

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