A reminder from the CNESST that danger stalks each and every one of us at work | Cossette

A reminder from the CNESST that danger stalks each and every one of us at work



Québec, October 17, 2017 – In its latest public awareness campaign produced by Cossette, the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) invites all Quebecers to discuss, learn about, and take steps to eliminate danger in the workplace.

The CNESST’s goal is to make occupational health and safety a social value so that Quebecers adopt sustainable preventive measures. 

In fact, an average of 225 workplace accidents are reported every day. Yet many Quebecers still believe that accident risk doesn’t affect them and that there aren’t any dangers in their workplace. “From a creative point of view, the goal was to shake this belief by highlighting strong statistical evidence to the contrary, and to send a clear message that danger can strike at any time,” said Yvon Brossard, Creative Vice-President at Cossette. 

As part of this campaign, Cossette developed a 30-second spot for TV and the web, as well as a 30‑second radio spot in English and in French. The initiative also included web banners, social media posts, and a contest inviting the public to share a photo or video that showcases a solution used to eliminate a danger from their workplace (entrants have the chance to win one of three prizes of $1,000).

Cossette also developed the campaign website, parlersst.com, where people can fill out a questionnaire to determine the health and safety profile of their workplace. Plus, employers and employees can find a wealth of information to start the conversation, educate themselves, and take action. 


Advertiser: CNESST
Agency: Cossette
Media agency: Cossette Media
Production house: Jonathan Bensimon, Les Enfants
Sound studio: Audio Z
Original music: Agogo Productions 

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