‘Uncertain Terms’ Campaign For Children Of The Street Society Highlights The Risks Of Sexting | Cossette

‘Uncertain Terms’ Campaign For Children Of The Street Society Highlights The Risks Of Sexting



In collaboration with Cossette, Children of the Street Society launched its latest campaign to kick-off the “Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week” in British Columbia.Titled “Uncertain Terms”, the awareness initiative highlights the tactics that online predators use to exploit youth.

With the insight that sexual exploitation is growing as social media sharing has become more accessible to today’s youth, the campaign informs the public that you don’t always know the terms and conditions when sending a compromising photo. Unlike providing private information like credit card numbers to online retailers, sending an intimate photo doesn’t come with terms and conditions before you click “send”.

Out of home ads feature youth about to send a naked photo, with a large “terms and conditions” box to cover their bodies. These boxes provide warnings about the dangers of image sharing that youth won’t always get in real life.

A 30 second TV spot and online video show a youth trying to decide if sending a photo is a good idea, to draw attention to the dangers of online sexual exploitation.

An interactive online component was also developed for parents to help them talk to their kids about image sharing and sexual exploitation. The website allows parents to customize a contract that they can print out and sign. It includes stipulations such as  “promise not judge or get mad” and “listen and support your child if something happens”.

TV and Online video will run until September 2017 and out-of-home ads will be displayed in Vancouver transit shelters for four weeks.